Idiocy in people

Working in retail will just do it for you. Once you meet “those” kind of people, you just don’t see the world the same way you used to.

In Canada, starting September 1st, old fashioned antenna signal will be replaced with a digital one. Meaning that people with dinosaur TVs will need to buy a converter -cause investing a newer TV is just innaceptable (heave sarcasm).

I have actually people asking me at least five times everyday how this bloody thing works and commenting on how unfair it is for companies to force in buying such a device. This one lady told me she had her TV for over 30 years and, after buying an LCD model last year, how her old set worked way, way better…Now, this, I think, is the most infuriating thing you can tell a nerd or electronics’ enthousiast like me. Since it was such an old model, her antenna was ”hidden” inside it, she wasnt sure how to set up a converter when, and if, she would buy one.

Ugh. When people expect you to give IT service on the phone, in a retail store, without even knowing what they’re talking about, and leaving no room for you to correct them or advise them,
you ask yourself: why are they even calling? Ah, dumb people.

One Response to “Idiocy in people”
  1. Ibrahime - Iber - Camara says:

    How little do these people remember that 30 years ago they had an immeasurable rage toward the new technological change, since humans are creature of habits, that we like comfort, security and the known.Anything else will only lead to more disappointment, more misery and more i told you so.

    True, some of the old devices were fine, very fine and extraordinary, but only because it was their era, their place to rule. The old people, and not in terms of age like the elderly, may fear that new era will simply erase the old one, like a sense of gone wild the old, relating to the human beings.

    Yet these very same people, once the pride swallowed, once their mind have made peace with the new wave, once the essence of that new technology have seeded into them and blossom into desire, they too will adore it and embrace, shedding away the saying “i am too old for this shit”, until decades later they will usher the same old line : “the old set you to worked way way better…”

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