30 Minutes Or Less Review

With summer movies coming to an end, and being treated with fewer comedies, 30 Minutes Or Lessfelt like it could’ve been our savior for a nice end of the season. With high expectations and gifted talent, 30 Minutes is not what it promised to be and feels like an excuse to make something fast just for the heck of it, disappointing with a short and sporadic dazed comedy.

The concept is imaginative, but it felt like they rushed through it. The premise of the movie, robbing a bank by calling the pizza guy and strapping him to a bomb to do the job for you, is funny, but not well exploited and relies on the characters too much.

It starts very fast, making it not linger and merely explains the characters side of the story, starting the initial conflicts without making it linger more than necessary. What seems like a good choice at first, makes it disappointing to see the plot unravel faster and faster, approaching its final climax and with very little room for more. Realizing the movie’s length in barely 80 minutes and just had few moments to relate further with its themes and characters. The ending is super abrupt and feels they had not a lot to work to start off with.

Director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) feels like he’s giving the same composition  and direction as his previous projects. And having already worked with Jesse Eisenberg, there is nothing new brought to the table. Jessie Eisenberg is, as always, the eccentric type and delivers the best jokes, playing his usual fast-talking geeky-type struggled-soul type of guy. His performance is by far the most believable, being the only character you sense having a moral compass and palpable feelings. Aziz Ansari didn’t feel like the obvious choice for the best friend role, considering the background of rest of the cast, but he does a have a strong comedic bone, but his friendship with Einsenberg doesn’t deliver much and seems far-fetched and not credible. Danny McBride, surprisingly, was not at his best; his role was off put and didn’t seem to know where to take it. Same for Nick Swardson, their grasp on the characters is just awkward with the tone of the movie. Which is sad; given those two actors bring so much to comedy these days.

The jokes work, but with very little resonance, given the actors had very little time to work on their material and feels like they rush through it. There is moral debate and it is more to be taken very lightly. You feel very little compassion for any of them and the direction does not take the jokes deeper than what you see.

30 Minutes Or Less disappoints if you’re expecting that smart raunchy comedy linked to Zombieland’s director. The whole movie is just ok, but fractured and super short. Funny at times, it feels weird to see a project like this taken so lightly to entertain on the first degree with such a great cast.

Emi, presents..rate:

2.5 out of 5

2 Responses to “30 Minutes Or Less Review”
  1. CMrok93 says:

    This is no comedy classic, but it delivers plenty of laughs, thanks to a witty script and no less than five very hilarious performances, especially Ansari who totally owns every scene he’s in. Good Review! Check out my site when you can!

  2. karen millen says:

    I like you article,thank you very much!

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