Top 5 Geeky Home-Alone Activities

Who says plans always work out, or that your friends are always available? Or you just feel “blah” and are not sure what to do of your night. Well, in those times, it’s up to you not get beat down and try to find every little thing in proximity so your evening doesn’t get totally ruined. In other words: always have a back-up plan. I assembled here what is a small fruitful list of activities you should consider if you’re stuck home alone with that “meh” symptom.


Pick up a book. Simple as that. I’m quite sure there are tons of procrastinators out there and we each have at least a book we never got around to finish. To really enjoy it, it’s always best to turn off your computer screen, and silence your cell phone, for no distractions. You owe it to yourself to finally have an uber quiet evening between yourself and your awesome book. If you never got around that particular book you have lying around, there might be a good reason; in that case go to the closest bookstore in town, and buy one.


Browse the net. Look around what’s trending and what’s new and do some research on it. I’m sure there have been conversations with your friends where you didn’t have the simplest clue to what they were yacking about, missing the funniest references of the week! (says your other friend). Subscribe to webpages you didn’t know about, and catch up on some cyber knowledge. What’s a geek good for without the old good W3.


Stream a movie on Netflix. If you don’t have a Netflix account (shame), this is your chance to get one and to use it like a proper civilized human being. Browse their catalogue and try to find something you would be ashamed of renting at the video store (and I’m not talking about porn). No one will judge you, so go all the way here: watch cheeky comedy, make an abundance of popcorn with a ton of soda. Treat yourself to feel like a pig for that one night.


Dedicate a night to a whole TV show, and this involves Netflix as well. This requires a sport separate from the Netflix movie mainly ‘cause it won’t require the same amount of energy. Same here, browse online to find out what TV show is worth your time and what’s considered “critically acclaimed”, or that you just saw its DVD cover so often in stores that it always got you curious to what it is about (e.g. Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica) . With that set, you should be able to spend a few hours of your night to indulge a show in the most delightful experience, and as it is intended. Oh, and a pizza is always welcome.


This is the ultimate challenge, and always the best option of all: rent a video game and try to finish it. First, do some research ( on games, so that you don’t get stuck with something really bad. Try to pick out something that’s not more than 20 hours of gameplay unless you have a couples days where you can dedicate some of that time to play some more, you’re not trying to become a zombie here. If you do, perfect. Your best options are a solid RPG or a FPS. Also, before starting your campaign, I recommend -for Gamerscore/trophies whores like me- to look up achievements/trophies guides online real quick, so you don’t miss anything, and your gaming experience will be a totally worthy one. Oh, and on your way to the video store, stop at the convenient store and get some instant coffee, if you don’t have any at your house – you will need it before hitting that 1 A.M. sleep-wall.

So with that, you always have a solid plan B for when you think all has fallen apart. Those, obviously, are only a few of the multitude of other things one can think of. But for one of those nights where the social convention of “hanging out” is not possible and you geeks decide to have a quiet home-alone nights, this top 5 should guide you wisely.

-Emi B.

4 Responses to “Top 5 Geeky Home-Alone Activities”
  1. Ipodman says:

    You are right about switching off the computer if you want to read a book… in fact, I think switching off the computer helps you to do MOST things better…

  2. Catherine Charbonneau says:

    I have a request. I read your articles and they’re all awesome. But the thing is, for a rookie like me, it’s sometimes hard to understand some of your abbreviations. For example; I know what RPG is, but i have no clue about FPS. Could you insert some definitions?

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