BBCA Brings The Nerdist TV Show


September 24th was not only marked as an eventful day for the before last episode of the Doctor Who series on BBC America, but also as the airing of the pilot for The Nerdist TV Show. Based on the podcast by the same name, The Nerdist is hosted by geek comedian Chris Hardwick and is usually co-hosted by Jonah Ray (comedian, writer on G4’s Web Soup) and Matt Mira (comedian, gadget producer on G4’s Attack of the Show). For those of you who don’t have a clue what a podcast or Doctor Who is, then, trust me, this is not in your field of interest. However, you should broaden your horizon by a couple of inches and read this article to find out all about the rise of nerd culture in comedy.

Hardwick, being completely upfront with his love for, what we now call today, nerd culture, found a way doing what he loves most about what he loves most. Being always rooted to his love of science technology and Doctor Who, Chris Hardwick found a way to build his own little empire called Nerdist Industries, starting with The Nerdist Podcast. Debuted in February 2010 as a free internet radio show that lasts approximately an hour with an episode a week, accessible online via RSS feed on the website or iTunes, Zune, you name it. Most times, comedians, actors or notable celebrities are invited on the show for a very laid-back conversation with the hosts, mainly about inside-the-business stories or just plain nerdy topics.

After a few months, they changed the format from one show a week to two, having room to always include one episode with a guest, and one without, called “hostfuls”. With the podcast popularity growing, Nerdist expanded their content with the spawning of a series of podcasts such as The Indoors Kids or Todd Glass Show, all within that same website, giving the chance for comedians to clash subjects like video-games or sex education with comedy.

A year and some dust after the first episode of the Nerdist Podcast was recorded, they managed to make it into a TV show commissioned by BBCA but only with a single episode to start off. Depending on the ratings and revenues on downloads, 1.99$ for people without TVs or BBC America, they would then hope to make more. Unfortunately, Canada online services (iTunes, Amazon videos, etc.) don’t offer the download of the show, so bummer.

Disappointingly, it’s only 22 minutes long. Gladly, that’s the only negative point the show has so far. The dynamic between Hardwick, Ray and Mira feels genuine and, for fans and listeners of the podcast, pleases for finally being able to catch visual gags. Guests were Craig Ferguson from Late Late Show, and Matt Smith from Doctor Who. Everything seems to have resonance on set, from the Phaser on the desk to the costumed audience in the room. The décor is pretty much what you expect from people with a love for geek-chic, and, although the set being smallish, it gives you that exclusiveness feel.

While it was well worth the 2$, I feel like it has the potential of being a longer show, since everything seems a little crammed considering they had two guests and clips to show such as showing off the Doctor Who Experience in London-cool stuff. The content wasn’t really far-fetched and aimed close to their usual material for their podcast, giving the experience a branded and recognizable atmosphere.

That said, their enthusiasm is palpable and the Nerdist team keeps their lively performances at heart to never disappoint the fans. It is a recommended watch for comedy fans or just geeks who can spare the 22 minutes run and want to stumble upon one of the brilliant comedy talent representing our generation’s love for our childhood’s obsessions, and to what now is called nerd culture. Hopefully, there will be other episodes in the near future, but in the meantime, appreciate this one as much as you can. Enjoy your burrito.


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