View on Doctor Who Season 6

Hopefully, all of you already have an hankering for the next season of Doctor Who the following year. This year ends another year of Matt Smith’s Doctor and reassured us he will be back for another plentiful year. With spoiler alerts, I’m warning all you who ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not having finished it yet, we shall look into what went wrong and what went well on this past year of The Doctor and speculate about the new-coming one.

The season unravel with a little sweet candy-coated plot that solved what we thought was going to bring back the feel of the Russell T. Davies’ mammoth-schemes times. There were some problems with this season of Who particularly faulty of the writing’s direction Moffat went with. The tone of the season was a bit dispersed, but it put Matt Smith’s Doctor as the centrifuge to every setting and established the character as his own, and with so, rewarding the audience with his comic subtlety.

It felt as if Moffat was making it easy for the audience to ride along the series and being fine with missing a couple of episodes, since there were only two major story arcs who were split up by the summer hiatus. This not being a terrible thing. Every episode was still brilliant, but only on its own. The end result and accumulation of all made the centric plot not as heavy and grandiose as it could’ve been; after all, we knew the Doctor was supposed to die from episode one.

In my opinion, the seasons Steven Moffat has written so far kinda fell short at the end. This particular season, it left its big sense of purpose right when A Good Man Goes to War aired. In that episode, it was all show and glitter but nothing actually happened until the last 10 minutes for the only pertinent plot element. That said, this left us with a teeth-gritting cliff hanger before a summer hiatus.

Let’s Kill Hitler resumes the series’ break and it probably had the most plot holes and questionable elements of the series so far. The reason being, introducing a completely new character and being lazy by showing flashbacks to incorporate it in the Amy/Rory timeline, and it just didn’t feel premeditated or intricate for the big reveal they went for. In the meanwhile, the Hitler portion of the episode felt unjustified with no elaboration for the evolution for the story main arc.

After that line-up of revelations, it went quiet with, what seemed, a few well plotted stand-alone. This made the Doctor shine with funny one-liners paralleled with his hidden darker side, especially in The Girl Who Waited. But again it washed down the rest of the main arc and trying to show elaborate twist, but only for a specific episode at a time without involving any remorse or repercussion for the characters from what previously just happened. Let’s just say that it can’t compare to Blink.

Closing Time started well, for what you think was a closure-episode for the current companions, including the comeback of the sweet Craig (The Lodger). There was a lot of humour in this one, but also the evident misuse of Cybermen. It went against what previously Doctor Who demonstrated Cybermen were capable of, like being destroyed by “overloading of emotions”, knowing they are completely striped off such after Craig overcame everything with love. The final climax was a wee bit ruined because of love, literally. A concept they previously used in Night Terrors, and was clearly overdone in this one.

The Wedding of River Song wasn’t all bad. It was an interesting and clever way to get out of the final mess of the season, the Doctor’s death. Well plotted but they got away easy with it. Left us with a somewhat satisfactory sensation? Maybe. It all depends on how you saw the last episodes of this past season.

That said, we should get ready for this Christmas special and next season. Not having anything against Moffat, but next year’s main story arcs better have a bigger impact. The feel of the Who’s universe needs to go back to where characters and their environments have an influence on how the story will thrive, and real consequences matted proper values in darker times. A bigger scheme of things like in the Tennant’s era would be gladly welcomed.

So this season was only ok if we compare it to everything starting from the Bad Wolf conspiracy-arc. I hope to see better next year, in hope to shiver at the thought of the Doctor dying again.

What about you guys? Do you agree of the thought of this season not living up to its hype, or you found it extremely delightful and completely satisfying? Up to you, but sharing wouldn’t hurt. Geronimo!


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