Top 5 Things To Do When Trying New Restaurant

Ah, yes. We’ve all been stuck in those tricky situations. You’re not quite sure if you’re ready to make that commitment of trying that new little restaurant and hopefully not waste that meal of the day. Thing is, it’s always hard making up your mind and you’re not really sure how to react or what to do to avoid attention or the waiters’ evil looks. But, you also don’t have to punish yourself with bad grub, which will kinda ruin your day –trust me, I speak from experience. Here are a few things your brain should calculate in advance and in this orderly fashion for you not get stuck paying for food you ate that you hated. Follow these steps closely, for stuff you should notice or how to react to, and you should be able to determine  on what ground you stand.

#1 Look at the menu.

Before you actually go inside to sit down, ask the waiters if you can take a look at the menu. This will seriously save you a lot of discomfort, tummy aches and especially time. Obviously, there will be times when nothing you will be eyeing will seem enticing enough to wander inside. In that case, don’t feel bad and just leave. The best way to walk out is to be polite: give the menu back, tell them you need to discuss it with your other half accompanying you. Then, slowly back away while mumbling whatever to make them think you are indeed conversing about the food, turn around and never look back. Chances are you’ll never see those people again anyways.

#2 Order water.

At this point, if you decide to give it a shot and are seated, don’t order anything to drink unless it’s free –you never know. It’s way easier if there are no strings attached to this point. Order water so that you still have the option to leave without owing them anything. Sometimes a restaurant has a completely different feel to it when you’re inside. Hint: if you notice the place clashes with one too many different themes, or on the opposite, lacks a theme and seems naked inside, that would be your cue to go. That means those places are not specialized on one type of cuisine and are still very indecisive about the main cultural assimilation of it.

#3 Order cheap.

So let’s say you’re really stubborn or none of those rules had to apply to you since everything went well so far. You decide to give this place a shot since maybe it doesn’t look too bad, and you gotta try it sooner or later. You should still be cautious and not order the most expensive thing on the menu—hell, you shouldn’t even order what you usually get elsewhere. Go cheap ‘cause you still don’t know what the best cooking of their best thing is, and that might not even satisfy you.

#4 Don’t eat bad food.

After your decision-making skills have come to place and you ordered whatever looks safe in there. But, once you get it, it’s not that great and don’t like the imprint it’s leaving on your taste buds. You also notice that you’re one of the very few people there and would feel bad complaining about a stupid little something. Don’t. Call the guy over and tell him; you don’t have to be mean about it, so why would he care? It’s not his restaurant—unless when he greeted you he specified he was, but that never happens, so you’re fine. No feelings hurt, you get your food 2.0 and hopefully all is well.

#5  Reward yourself.

Let’s say that you got your food but you’re just noticing that they just don’t know how to cook, don’t eat the whole thing. Tell them you’re still not finding it to your satisfaction and leave. Don’t pay for the food you didn’t eat, but the least you could do is tip the poor guy who probably felt anxious after the first time you called him to return the bad food. Excuse yourself, and go to whatever place you consider having good cuisine and treat yourself ‘because, thankfully, you didn’t waste a perfectly good meal-time to something you could’ve regretted out of politeness or shyness.

P.S.: Maybe after consideration, you should still pay for your plate since it might not be dignified (that’s where rule 3# came in handy!). Just don’t tip too much in that case, depending on the place.

One Response to “Top 5 Things To Do When Trying New Restaurant”
  1. simon billet says:

    Interesting indeed! Now I know what to do to make you enjoy my restaurant when I open it 😉 The picture is nice but crepes would have been better lol. I am kidding, you wrote a nice article.

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