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With only one month away from the release of Mass Effect 3, it’s time to prioritize your gaming time and think about what you want to do before you embark upon the Normandy. You all want to make sure not to compulsively buy games you are not going to have time to play just because they’re cheap and focus on the good stuff.


First off, all you players with OCD tendencies like me, this is your last chance to go back to Mass Effect 2 and see if there’s anything you wanna redo in your last mission, in hope you didn’t let a lot of your crew to die. This is also a great opportunity for all Xbox 360 players to get the 75G achievement “No One Left Behind” since it’s a toughie. Of course, make sure all your loyalty missions are completed and that you upgraded your ship as much as you could. So spend your credits wisely. Once you know your play-through is perfected, the next step you might want to consider is to get the only relevant DLC tie-in to Mass Effect 3 called “Lair of the Shadow Broker”. This downloadable title was highly rated, and for 10$, you’re getting a few extra hours of game play that will make the third installment of the franchise much more accessible and enjoyable story-wise.Oh, and if you were romantically involved with Liara in the first game, this is the right time to re-ignite that old flame.

So, if I were you, I would make sure to be completely satisfied with every decision your Shepard took, cause once you get Mass Effect 3, there is no going back; your character will be exported to your new game.

Next, with all the games out this past season, we are more than overwhelmed with choices on what to play. But of course, our wallets suggests us otherwise when it comes to buy full-priced titles, so if you’re an over-perfectionist, chances are you waited on a couple of games. With the month of February being kinda quiet (except for you, Final Fantasy fans), here is a perfectly good excuse to pick up a time-filler considering the numerous price-drops (without stating the obvious ones such as Arkham City or Deus Ex).


Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is set to release on February 22 for a mere 15$ on the Xbox Live marketplace as a follow-up title to the 2007 original title. Give yourself a day-off to play it, because if it’s even half  as good as the the first one, we’re all in for a treat. Obviously, we won’t get a full-fledged game for that price, but it will surely deliver an immersive and chilling story to play through.

Rayman Origins should also be contemplated, since it went down to 24.99$ (on Amazon.com). With very fluid and vivid animation,funny and charming game play, this latest title will easily grow into you. Initially not worth its full retail price, it’s a go if you wanted to play a 2D platformer reminiscent of the old days or if you were looking for something simple and fun for co-op.

L.A. Noire
is currently 17.99$ in store (24.99$ online) for a used copy at Game Stop, and is not a bad haggle. Counting that this game is super long (3 discs on 360 version) and somewhat slow at first, it does offer great innovative gameplay if you’re interested in trying something new from Rockstar Studios. Give it a chance. Trust me, it’s worth the 18$.

Dragon Age 2 just dropped to a super reasonable 14.99$ used (19.99$ new). Not being judge as one of the best BioWare’s
title, it has a neat way to refine RTS or turn-based combat; however you decide you wanna play it. Plus, for you The Guild nerds, Felicia Day voiced the Tallis character in this one. It’s a no lose.

Rage, regardless its huge drop to 25$,it  is not a time-worthy title. Despite being a beautiful looking game developed by id, it has very little substance and makes you feel like pedaling places to places for no good reason, and ultimately, you feel like you’re not really getting out of it. It’s a shame cause in this game, every action has a reaction, meaning every bullet you shoot, has a tremendously realistic effect on your opponent. Disappointingly, it delivers a very poor narrative, and this should have a bigger impact than anything else it offers.
Assassin’s Creed Revelations because…well, it’s Ubisoft. Not that it’s not a good game and that’s not the reason that should stop you to get it, but you know that if you’re willing to wait at least 6 months, it’ll drop down to 19.99$. Ubisoft games do that. Every year. So do your logic justice and wait on it.

That should cover your free time for the month of February. Keep an eye out for deals, but remember that 2012 has just begun and we’re still waiting on a crap-load of time-consuming games, starting with the beloved Mass Effect 3. So you don’t wanna put all your eggs in one basket…’cause maybe they’ll go bad? Must be it. Until then, enjoy your gaming time.

One Response to “Just The Tips…Monthly Gaming Advice”
  1. Ipodman says:

    Mass Effect 3 sounds exciting… although it comes out the same week as Street Fighter x Tekken…

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