Top 5 Best Gaming Snacks

Video games are considered narratively as strong as movies nowadays. Of course a movie is passive and we feel a need to occupy ourselves with something else, such as snacking. Video games are an interactive form of entertainment, so you should feel less compelled to fill your food meter while playing. But having that strong resonance and storytelling movies have, we still like to eat to fill in that little gap of time during cut-scenes or whatever else the case may be. But you should choose carefully since movie snacks and gaming snacks are really not cross-compatible. So let’s elaborate on the best snacks to accompany your video gaming needs.

#5 Twizzlers

It made it to the top 5 for one simple reason: efficiency. You don’t have to stop playing to eat, because of their shape. You could just start eating the candy from one end to the other without touching it while masticating it to progress. Think how much time you save while being productive with taking care of your Sims family or getting Nathan Drake out of the messy situations he always puts himself into! Just don’t phrase it that way when you talk to your significant other when you talk about “productive” time. So, without having to make a mess or interrupting your game, it’s a win, but, you look like a pig, so make sure to that you’re alone.

#4 Frozen Reese’s Pieces or/and M&Ms

Yes, frozen. For a number of reasons, you should try it. Just toss a bag in the freezer for at least an hour and it should do the trick. No matter the temperature, the chocolate stays intact and keeps a cool consistence. Think about your burning room in the summer, you, original-Xbox 360-owner. It’s undeniable; it could happen despite what the commercial say about it, I was a victim once. You’ll see that freezing the chocolate actually heightens its deliciousness and will make you stay cool even the most heated attacks against the Reapers or the Covenant.

#3 Hard Pretzels

Obviously, pretzels are kinda high on sodium and calories depending on the brand you pick, but they are super low on cholesterol and have proteins. They are better brand than others, so take five extra minutes at the supermarket and look at the nutritional label ( won’t hurt you to look educated). The reason why you should put a little more research is that once you find the healthy kind, they’re totally worth it: they’re super dry and the salt is so big on them that it’s impossible to smudge it all over your controller and you don’t feel the need to subtly wipe off your hand on your pants when no one is watching instead of getting a napkin. True story, people do that.

#2 Unbuttered Popcorn

Who doesn’t like popcorn, right? Super light and not greasy, you can easily stuff your face till your whole bag in empty, or that is, until you don’t feel like your stomach is a bottomless pit anymore. Just don’t get the gross one where it says “Theatre Butter”, that’ll spoil not only your dinner, but your appetite for the next two days. And plus, you won’t be reaching for a napkin (pants) every time you grab a few before you get back to your game. It’s unnecessary to lose that time due to unhealthy condiment.

#1  2L of (Insert Your Favourite Soft Drink Here)

If you are being smart about this, you don’t really have to eat while you game. Sitting down for an extended amount of time is already bad for you and on top of that you add an unhealthy and unnecessary nutritional factor in there, you kinda owe your body a lot even after one session. But, there is a way I like to compromise and it is to drink something that has awesome taste, will fill you up just enough because of all the gas (skip this sentence if I motivated you to be healthier) but won’t feel totally guilty since it’s not food. Let your bottle chill intensively in the freezer for a couple of hours, and voila! Try to use a glass and not a straw to drink directly out of the bottle with, you would like a dumbass. Not speaking from experience, by the way.

Picture by Emi Bonaffini.

4 Responses to “Top 5 Best Gaming Snacks”
  1. Iberrhymer says:

    Hello. I agree with the choices. Of course, the soft drink is the1# snack and you were better not to cite only Coca-cola or Pepsi ;). And yes, I like my chocolate to near cold or freezed. But you forgot one snack which you should not be abuse: energy drinks. And boy, this one snack people can’t seem to handle well.

  2. Westen says:

    I’m more into 12 oz cans of pop over the 2L. Superior taste and convenience! Though not as cost effective obviously.

    Oh and cashews, don’t ask.

    • I’ve been there with the 12oz cans, and it does get expensive…the reason why i can’t go back to them is cause it seems that the gas is more condensed and its harder for me to finish a whole can than at least 1L…!

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