Top 5 Movies To Watch When Feeling Blue

Ah, life. It always has ups and downs, and downs again. And for obvious reasons we always get through; otherwise population control wouldn’t be an issue, now wouldn’t it? Although we, geeks and nerds, have a tendency to linger and dramatize pretty much everything just to see how even more miserable we can feel.

We also are a superior breed and we know how to find the right remedy instead of starting to be passive-aggressive to anybody who crosses your path to the comic book store. The easiest way is to always have a failsafe plan for situations like these, and what’s better than to watch a movie? But not any type of movie; it needs to be fitted for the event and needs to corroborate your feelings and state of mind. Here, is a well thought-out list all you sad-penguin faces should hang to and put to action.

#5 Stand By Me (1986)

/What a better classic to remind us all that what’s really important in life, is the friends we choose to be with. These kids completely went out of their way just to see a dead body, but the real excuse is to have this adventure with the people you know you can count on and to escape their mundane or miserable life. Really touching and heart-warming at times, this is a lost kid’s fantasy scenario and will make you remember all the good times in your childhood and realize that your friends are there for you, no matter what. Plus, you get to see a really young and super sexy Kiefer Sutherland for a brief moment, but that counts (and he was 20 at the time, so it’s legal to call him sexy. I checked).

#4 Better Off Dead (1985)

/The 80’s was a striving period for black comedies and Better Off Dead is the perfect mix of black humour and uplifting narrative. Lane Meyer (the very charismatic John Cusack) is this teen who just got dumped by his girlfriend for a jock, and everything else around encourages him for numerous attempts at suicide. But he finds friendship and love in the most “unexpected” place (even though as the audience, we always know). It’s super funny and makes you realize how dumb somebody looks when doing a selfish and idiotic thing for all the wrong reasons. I the end, no matter how many fair-hair-jocks or blob-like of a boss you have, there is always gonna be a kid chasing you for 2 dollars—err, I mean a Dodger Stadium to share with the one person you care (metaphorically that is).

#3 Accepted (2006)

/Accepted is a modern-day successor to Animal House and a pleasant tribute for this generation of young and often confused adults. A very adorable Justin Long is enough reason to watch this movie alone, but fortunately, there’s more to it. Bartleby (Long) didn’t get accepted to any colleges and being pressured by his parents and his education-less future, he decides to team up his friends and create a fake college to fool parents. By doing so, a shit-load of kids show up for admission and end up putting up something that actually feels like a real school and teaches all these kids to strive for what they love and push for whatever they are passionate about. A surprisingly well executed comedy that all taught us that we don’t need labels to identify who we are or what we can or can’t do. This will totally boost up your morale and make you feel like you can do anything you want. Life is too short to contemplate it and over think it, and that’s why we always need that little push to make possible that our goals become achievable (this position was against National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, but got turned down due to dog-jerking and cum-eating).

#2 The Breakfast Club (1985)

/A John Hughes timeless classic, if you ask anybody who has a good taste in film. We all know what this movie is about, so let’s skip to why you should watch it; this is a commemoration of all the hardest times we’ve been through and all the ones to come. This movie offers a strong narrative and relatable plot points throughout the growth of these kids who cannot see past the worst points in their life. Granted this is a high school-aimed subject, but it is very translatable no matter where we are in life. This is your chance to laugh, cry, sing out loud all those we all know by heart and let all the bad stuff out and think about how you’re gonna get past it. I mean, in the end, the jock ends up with the basket case, and the princess with the rebel. Although the geek doesn’t end up with anyone …it’s obviously not indicative to your social status, but that there are horrible things in life, but we always find what’s right for us, no matter who we are. John Hughes taught us well.

#1 Animal House (1978)

/The crème of the crème of comedy and the master of all college humour movies and over-the-top jokes as we know today. No doubt this movie gets number one spot and the reasons are simple: there are all the simple elements that constitute a good cheerful movie, such as a food fight (even though it lasts 3 seconds), a toga party and the song Shout. I always say “smart comedy is the real remedy” (starting now) and Animal House will make cry of laughter. It conveys and translates well a lot of  today’s generation problems with self-acceptance, self-esteem and the need of fitting in somewhere, but all that with a very wild spirit and a smart script. No need to say more than when life bring you down, pop in Animal House, shut your phone off, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and you won’t need to eat an apple that day (you know, ‘cause it keeps the doctor away..? OK).


3 Responses to “Top 5 Movies To Watch When Feeling Blue”
  1. Catherine says:

    I don’t know why I agree with all of those…!

  2. Better Off Dead is the funniest movie ever involving suicide attempts (well, maybe Groundhog Day comes close.) Great list!

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