Top 5 Reasons Why We Will Love Ted

With summer around the corner, there are plenty of huge sure-blockbusters that are going to happily accompany us through its probable heat-waves. As far as comedies go though, there are very few if we take count of all the comic books or action-oriented projects that will dominate this coming season. There is one particular project that struck our attention that combined the opposed elements of cute and vulgarity. Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, voiced, wrote and directed Ted: a teddy bear that, by the wish of a little boy, comes to life and grows up to be best friends with him. Absurd and raunchy, it may just sound like what we need for the summer, and here is why.


#5 Ted Doesn’t Come Off As Desperate

Ted’s first trailer to appear online and  in theatres, was what the studios call a Red band trailer, which pretty much involves any profanity or nudity, you name it (R-rated, NC-17-rated). With that, it wasn’t clear what the plot was nor explaining why the hell there was a filthy-mouthed living teddy bear (not like we care, anyways) interacting with the very likeable Mark Wahlberg. A few days after, a Green band trailer was released for Ted, going into some story backdrop and giving the movie a friendlier aspect. Of course, the best one is where you can actually recognize Seth McFarlane’s writing in action without any censorship. If the studios wanted to fool people into thinking this was a family-friendly pic with a cute but raunchy plush, they would have shown the Green ban trailer first. Ted is showing some backbone, and I think it’s a good sign.

Here’s Ted Official Red Band Trailer #1

Here’s Ted Green Band Trailer #2


#4 Only Comedy of the Summer

We could say that this summer is filled with big blockbusters titles and comic books movies and no noticeable comedies to counterbalance it. You’re probably thinking of The Dictator for a great summer comedy, and sure, looks great. But it’s only in May. Leaving all the rest of the summer with no guilty-pleasure material to enjoy with our buds. Ted comes out July 13th, meaning it’ll be squished in between The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. Don’t know if that would’ve been the best timing for the type of movie, but the way I see it is we’ll have Ted to decompress and laugh our tushies off and we won’t have a weekend without taking a celebratory trip to the theatre for the week to be over. Again, a good thing.


#3 It’s a Bromance

There’s a reoccurring trend and well-known twist for the romantic comedies sub-genre for a while now, and it’s called a Bromance. I still believe the best ones are still to come (21 Jump Street is the proof) and Ted clearly shows this type of formula based on the love that two friends/brothers have for each other and the tests they surpass to overcome their problems. Of course, this one is filled with a hint of magic and a ton of vulgarities but I think it gives it a distinctive look from what we’ve seen in a while (movie-wise). Overall, I’m pretty sure that despite the language and all that jazz, that Ted will (hopefully) surprise us and have an unexpected depth in the story within relatable characters and the situations surrounding them.



#2 Seth McFarlane’s Writing

This is Seth McFarlane’s directorial debut and first live-action project. Of course, his material is often tongue and cheek humour and is redundant with all three TV shows he created and still writes for. But, no matter what we say about this matter, there’s always gonna be an audience for one of those shows and that’s why he keeps making more. Seth McFarlane obviously knows his audience and he knows where to stir to get the proper attention where it deserves. Ted feels pretty generic compared to how Family Guy or American Dad are composed (if dissected). That’s why Ted will surely please many fans of McFarlane’s writing because he found a niche people expect him to work with. Again, that’s a win in my (metaphorical) book.


#1 Mark Wahlberg in a Comedy

The Other Guys. This only should be enough reasoning but let’s elaborate: Before that movie came out, my hopes on this actor were lost and hopeless. He never quite seemed to nail the type of part he was destined to play and felt like a wasted talent. Date Night came along and featured a new façade to Wahlberg’s persona, and it was refreshing to see him in something so, well, comedic. In 2010, the unpredictable and hysterical The Other Guys was released and Wahlberg proved to have a real calling for comedy. That just suits him well and the studios seem to think just as well considering his part in Ted. If you haven’t seen The Other Guys (first: shame on you) go watch it now and you’ll understand why you will urge to watch Ted and to see Wahlberg put to test. For the last time, this movie cannot fail us, it’s simple math.

3 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons Why We Will Love Ted”
  1. iberrhymer says:

    nice review. will certainly add it to the list of films to see this summer. And the Other Guy was one of the films I almost died of Laughter – Literally choked on the food I was eating(Aim for Bushes).

    • I know!!! I couldn’t agree more for The Other Guys (even for the chocking, sadly) and I looked like one of those hyenas in Roger Rabbit, who actually do die of laughter. 🙂

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