Randomly Streaming Netflix: UHF (1989)

Just to briefly explain, this will be a new segment added to Emi, presents..mainly to introduce or suggest you guys what to watch on Netflix. The titles presented will have been chosen with care, but by pure serendipitous randomness that the power of technology often offers us. Also, it is a pain to surf through Netflix’s untidy and peculiar categorization. So I make life easy, or amusing hopefully, by choosing a title that seems adequate enough for me to (re)watched and find those hidden gems in that messy server of theirs.


‘Weird Al’ Yankovic stars in this hilarious comedy about a local TV station becoming a hit, after he becomes the owner, thanks to all the weird and wacky programming. Of course, when the numbers come in, the big competitors are not happy about it so an evil plot to destroy them arises.



For a 20 year-old movie, you’d be surprised how well UHF still holds up to date. Of course, Weird Al fans have probably watched this, but for people (like me—there are only so many hours a day!) who always passed on the opportunity to enjoy such a classic, so this is your chance.



Despite that the movie strongpoints are the cultural references from that time being, it’s still very amusing and clever. Although, UHF is clearly intended for movie buffs to get all the references and it’s much more entertaining to not feel excluded from the visual gags.

Fans of parody movies such as Hot Shots and The Naked Gun will certainly appreciate its satirical twist on situations and exaggeration of referencing to pop culture. The plot line stands on its own without being a notorious story backdrop.

Witty and crafty material throughout the movie. It is hard not to laugh when it’s Weird Al.



If you want to fully enjoy UHF, it is highly recommended to watch it at night. But not too late if you’re one of those people with the maniacal laugh that wakes up people with it. That said, it is best served with a huge cup of Joe. Sweet goes better with this movie than, to say,  popcorn.

Happy Netflix streaming!



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