The Cabin in the Woods Review

Many horror movies come and go and only a few mark us and will get to be worthy conversational topics. The Cabin in the Woods is definitely one of those that will stick, due to its new and interesting approach to the horror/thriller genre. But unfortunately, I can’t really go into any details on why writers extraordinaire Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard exit the horror movie-comfort-zone and make it interesting.

After being shelved for three years due to the studio, The Cabin in the Woods finally sees the light of day. So the teenage gang is composed by (pre-Thor) Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz and Jesse Williams. And all you need to know is that they all leave for the weekend to stay in Curt (Hemsworth)’s cousin’s, you guessed it; cabin in the woods. The rest is for you to experience.

The thing about The Cabin in the Woods is that the less you know, the better your experience will be. Going into the story plot-line will give away too many spoilers, and no one wants that. All you need to know is in the trailer and if that doesn’t appeal to you, chances are this movie is not made for you.

The way the movie explores its themes, and by adapting to the most cliché horror-movie standing point and having a reason why. Everything that the characters go through is driven by its own simplicity that it’s being done on purpose. That said, The Cabin in the Woods does a very good job at explaining the genre’s formula and giving it a new fragrance. For once, we see why horror movie’s scenarios often go wrong, and we finally get to assist to why and how, with a very fun take on the matter. The most crucial moment of the story is where the kids subconsciously decide their own sort and observing as “big brother” is a refreshing experience.

You wouldn't wanna mess with this face, now would you?

The Cabin in the Woods is very gruesome, so fans of the gore will be most pleased (and normal people somewhat unsettled). It also plays a lot with humour by having a comic relief in the gang, even if by times it felt a little over-played. The blend of humour and gore was mostly satisfying and reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s work over the years on the genre.

The atmosphere of The Cabin in the Woods was mostly successful by its play on off-cue music and the intensity of the score on key points. Very climatic on most parts thanks to visual/sound synchronicity and the on how it played with the dualism of every situation.

The only negative remark that weighted its sympathy towards what the story was trying to accomplish was that The Cabin in the Woods let people in on the “secret” way too early on. The whole reason why this movie’s plot line is so “hush-hush” felt disrupted too soon and gave no fun on trying to figure out on how they got there. Playing more with that aspect would’ve definitely made its concept much more interesting for much longer. Also, a notable mention that Brian White’s character was sadly misused and uplifted for no good reason. In the end, his role just fell flat and didn’t help justifying the intricacy the starting point of the movie offered.

The Cabin in the Woods is definitely a worthwhile experience supported by an intelligent script and interesting approach to the horror/thriller/comedy genre. It has its some falling-short points here and there, but it tends to have more perks for the end result. The ending is arguably what will determine your love or hate for The Cabin in the Woods, and of course the appreciation of trying to do something new and always surprise the audience will always add a plus.

The Cabin in the Woods is a new, fresh and smart experience where horror meets quirky comedy and gruesome violence for the viewer’s benefits. The movie’s short-comings will not necessarily ruin your experience, and the good ones easily overcompensate for it. Whether it’s a movie for you or not, The Cabin in the Woods will make sure to debate the movie’s plot-line with your friends for a while.



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