Top 5 Practical Super Hero Geek-Ware

This summer has the super-heroes fever and we like it. This season is practically invaded by movies of this genre which started with The Avengers, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man and last but not least, The Dark Knight Rises. Subsequently, we need show that we are prepared and welcoming this new-nerd era in the most, well, nerdy way: accessorizing. But not just with anything. Here are the coolest (geekiest) “practical” gadgets all you fans of super heroes should think about getting all under one simple list (all courtesy of They just have the biggest and best variety).

#5 Avengers Cologne Set

Yup, you’re reading it right. As tacky as this can be, the bottles and concept are actually pretty damn cool. Any Marvel fan would find these cheap yet awesome little flasks irresistible, even if the risk of them smelling like pure gasoline is high. Collection-wise, I’d say they’re worth your money, and they can serve as a time-capsule for future reference to when comic-book movies started being more mainstream as one would’ve thought not even ten years ago.


#4 Hammer Of Thor Bottle Opener

Very literal (ok, maybe figurative) and faithful use of the saying that goes around the Hammer of Thor, this little guy is probably the cutest kitchen gadget a super hero geek can find. Probably not being an oxymoron anymore (geek and beer wouldn’t sit well together in the same sentence), this is the perfect inexpensive tool you might wanna consider treating your kitchen to.  Plus, you don’t really have to be a demigod to use it.


#3 Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man Shirt

Imagine yourself surrounded by very intimidating co-workers or just acquaintances you just don’t know how to break the ice with. Now, same situation except you have this bitching shirt to surprise people with! It’s not the newest item but there’s a reason why it’s almost always sold out online. Face it, everybody wants to be Tony Stark and this is the closest you’ll get to it. And, it’s the same price as a regular shirt with the advantage of having a light-up Arc Reactor. Without even mentioning you get to use the cheesiest line with the girls: “it’s proof that I have a heart…”


#2 Batman Money Clip

Yes—this is extremely essential and super practical. Just think for a second how lucky we all are to be able to use this: Bruce Wayne, filthy rich, couldn’t even buy this for his uncountable 50$ bills because how would he explain that he has a bat-shaped money clip EXACTLY like Batman? He couldn’t, and he couldn’t take the chance of being socially exposed. But you can. Feel like a boss.




#1 Avengers “Iron Man” MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Power Band

This is a limited edition exact replica fully licensed Marvel collectible made out of titanium, stainless steel, carbon fiber, epoxy resin and ferrite permanent magnets. Oh, did I mention it’s exactly like Tony Stark wears in a little movie called The Avengers? You probably figured it out though. A bit pricey but for someone who has 200$ and was looking for something new to add to his/her collection, you’ve just found it. This is the culmination of geekery and insanity, and everything about it just looks and sounds amazing. But if you buy it, lock it in a glass cabinet. Don’t wear that.



Of course there is many, many more super hero stuff to buy online, I can’t argue with that. That said, are these good enough to satisfy your geek-urges, or you saw something more worthy? Comment and share your thoughts, but these should give you a little nudge to splurge at least once in spirit on (insert your favorite comic-book movie here)!

One Response to “Top 5 Practical Super Hero Geek-Ware”
  1. iberrhymer says:

    Like the post. Wonder if the colognes are worn by the actor. And funny for the Hammer Of Thor Bottle Opener(guessed Thor wouldn’t because is strong… or he may show it just to bragged to his friends). The geeks in the world must be in such joy to see their favorites heroes to big screens and seeing the merchandise that pop-ups from everywhere.

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