Batman #13: Death Of The Family, Part 1 Review

Almost a year ago, DC comics introduced the new 52 a reboot in continuity of all there titles. In the first issue of Detective Comics written and drawn by Tony S. Daniel, the Joker in a bold move had Dollmaker surgically remove his notorious face.

Earlier this week in Batman #13 ,written by Scott Snyder & drawn by Greg Capulo, the Joker makes its well awaited come back in to the new 52 after a year of absence. The first three pages read like the start of a classic horror movie; later followed by the Joker’s opening salvo instantly giving the readers a sense of what Snyder’s Joker will be about. Which seems to be a mixture of Batman: the animated series with the bad jokes and the over the top theatrical, and Christopher Nolan’s Joker with his brutal and visceral violence. On the other hand, Batman is written as the strong confident father figure of the bat-family but has the story unfolds, the chaos unleash by the Joker takes it toll on the dark knight.

One of the concern, one might have after reading Batman #13 is that as a crossover event; some parts or side of the story will not be feature in the main book. If the main action stays within the Batman title and the other tie-in issues are treated more as other characters ( Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, etc.) dealing  with  the aftermath of the events of the main batman title.

The last page of the main story, also the first part, gives readers a jaw dropping cliffhanger. Followed by a eerie and darkly drawn back-up story ( thank you, Jock ), making this a perfect first part to the Death of the family story just in time for Halloween. Overall this issue was largely enjoyable and makes you regret the fact that we’ll have to wait 30 days for the next part.



Review by Chuck Cantave


3 Responses to “Batman #13: Death Of The Family, Part 1 Review”
  1. iberrhymer says:

    It’s good for a 1st review. Cool for the new collaborator who happens to be a comic books lover with an impressive collection

  2. Ipodman says:

    I like this issue too… Like you already mentioned, I like how this Batman story is a mixture of various different styles of Batman stories

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