CW’s Arrow Series Review-So Far

After only five episodes into the series, Arrow hits every mark (pun intended) its predecessor Smallville aimed during its final seasons. The story is about Oliver Queen coming back home, to Starling City, to become a vigilante. The show is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow-who tried and hit his mark years back in Smallville, and also features different characters from its respected comics’ universe. It succeeded by captivating its audience right from the start and is able to intricately building an intrigue using proper cliffhangers at the end of each episode, so far.

Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, the actor plays the character like a mix of Bruce Wayne and a traumatized war veteran. The second comparison can be explained by the fact that the character has been fighting for his life on a desert island for five years. It also adds to the main plot by giving his origin story more substance–a lot can happen in five years to change a rich spoiled brat into a socially aware vigilante–just saying. It is so well developed that it makes you care about the character’s inner turmoil and shows us how becoming Green Arrow still affects him.

Which brings us to my second reason why this show is great: the main character is not alone in his quest. What I mean is that the creators decide to have Oliver Queen deal with a mother, step-father, sister, ex-girlfriend, best-friend and bodyguard. All the sh’bang. This makes the show more interesting because it’s easy being a vigilante when no one looks for you, wondering on your errands. But in Arrow, Oliver Queen must deal with concerned family members and mundane obstacles, and the bodyguard do not make things easier, but no spoilers yet.

A few DC characters have already made their appearance in Arrowso far; for example, in the first few minutes into the pilot, we can clearly see Deathstroke’s mask (which was pretty awesome). China White was the first DC villain to appear, after Deadshot had his time but it was all just building up to Deathstroke. If you are a fan of the Terminator, I’m fairly certain you were not disappointed by his appearance and badass fight scene.

Arrow has a lot of potential and up until now, a great investment of your free time. The possibilities for the series are still wide and the characters are solid with great performances by the cast. The show seems more real than Smallville ever was, which makes it easier for the audience to relate with the characters.



Review by Chuck Cantave



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