Top Christmas Movies Countdown

Ah, the Holidays. What better than to pass some time your cherished friends and selected family members to celebrate this infamous time of the year. But besides the presents and stocking and delicious homemade treats, there is one essential step to countdown the remaining days ‘till Christmas; movies. Yup, they are just as important as anything else and it’s important you choose wisely and distribute them adequately throughout this coming week. Here is my suggested list of Christmas movies you absolutely need to watch, so take good note and start streaming (or put in the old-fashioned DVD).


#10 I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1998)

Nothing better than a cheesy Disney movie to start the yearly tradition. I mean, we can be honest and not hide the fact that it’s not a very good movie per se, but we need to remember that special time called the 90s. Of course, the winning element is Jonathan Taylor Thomas; that should be your only incentive to watch this flick. It’s a cute father-son bonding story with wacky plot lines and Jessica Biel, trying her best. A classic!



#9 Love, Actually (2003)

I know, you’re probably thinking this movie is either too much of a chick-flick or, um well, I’m pretty sure that it’s what most people think. And it is. There’s little on Christmas and more on relationships and love, even though all these series of events revolving around this circle of people is on Christmas time. There is though a brilliant British cast and no one passes up a movie with Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman and Martin Freeman, and that’s why it makes the list.



#8 Barefoot in the Park (1967)

Technically not a Christmas movie, but they always air it around this time of year on movie channels. It is though a very cute and funny flick with a theatrical feel to it, with the once-handsome Robert Redford and loveable Jane Fonda. It’s the type of movie you watch on a snowy day with a comfy throw, drinking some hot cocoa and perhaps while wrapping some presents. It’s been on my list for years, and never had I felt it didn’t belong with the rest, so if some of you have never watched it, give it a chance, it will grow on you.



#7 Home Alone (1990)

One of the most overused movie of the past two decades for sure, and at this point it almost feels like a chore than an enjoyment to watch it. Although it is likely to be true for most of you, it’s simply one of those classics of our generation that is necessary to watch to move on to better things. That said, moving on.



#6 The Santa Clause (1994)

This one is just a preferred pick for all ages. I mean, who doesn’t like Tim Allen, and seeing him gain all that Santa fat in no time is just endearing. We are also reminded that believing is not seeing and that all the magic of Christmas relies on that, a reminiscing point of our childhood. It’s just adorable, plus you get to see almost-old Judge Reinhold wearing Cosby-sweaters and David Krumholtz as the coolest elf ever. If it’s not in your yearly tradition to watch it yet, start now and stop wasting all that free time!



#5 The Family Stone (2005)

This movie might be a agree to disagree type deal, but it offers a solid and whimsical cast, with “plausible” situations (at some points) and it’s able to explore the main themes of family and having to regroup around that time of year on proper manners. The plot line isn’t the best because no one likes to believe the characters are that stupid not to see their own mistakes, but it’s Christmas in the end and observing it can only bring you better perspective on your own situation on that time of the year. Taking the good with the bad, this flick should have a spot in the top five.



#4 The Holiday (2006)

Jude Law and Jack Black at their most handsome selves and Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz on their comedic sides should be the sole reasons to savor this delightful admittedly-cheesy flick. It breaks away from conventional love stories starting with a swap holiday and brings you to a heartwarming tale in which love is always possible even when you find it outside your own continent…yeah, I got carried away on that one. Anyways, cute and funny.



#3 Gremlins (1984)

Some of you may dispute that this is not a real Christmas movie and it belongs with those awful lists where Die Hard is considered a Christmas flick, but let me correct you; It does take place throughout Christmas time, given that Gizmo has been given to Zach Galligan as a Christmas present, and even features a bunch of holidays songs while Gremlins are getting their shit kicked and grinded by the mom in the house. And the holidays wouldn’t be the same without hearing Phoebe Cate’s wonderful and very detailed story on why she and her family hate Christmas…ah, now it feels like Christmas.



#2 Elf (2003)

It’s hard imagining passing through this time of year without Will Ferrell since this move was released. One over-the-top joke after another, and Ferrell’s eclectic and comedic energy is just hard to resist and makes up for those gloomy stormy days and will make you laugh so hard that your eggnog will spray out of your nose and make you wanna puke a little bit. Zoey Deschanel and Ferrell are just the perfect treat to watch a few days before Christmas. Always saving the best ones for last.



#1 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Speaking of saving the best for last, this is definitely and inconceivably the best, funniest, dumbest but remarkably relatable Christmas movie a family should watch on Christmas day each year. Not only everybody knows what it’s like to have a control freak dad that wants the holidays to be perfect but ends up always doing too much, or having to host family in your home and compromising your personal space and privacy, or again having those awkward situations where the unwanted side of the family just decides to impose on your hospitality and ends up (literally in that case) polluting your house. Yup, that’s the beauty of this silly and over-the-top comedy is that, somewhere, someway, it always happens to someone. But while it’s not your turn this year, it’s always funny to watch Chevy Chase almost dying while attempting stupid stunts and swearing at the dumb neighbors.



Honorable Mention: The Bellboy (1960)

Yes, I managed to sneak another non-Christmas flick in the list, but this one has no connotation whatsoever with Christmas. It’s just one of those classics you end up watching just cause it almost feels appropriate due to its black and white reel and slapstick genre that never seems to get old. Jerry Lewis doesn’t speak a word throughout it but his physical comedy just astounds and completely holds up for such an old movie. And, why not, right?

Jerry Lewis as The Bellboy

So Merry Christmas kids, the shitter’s full!

Editorial by Emi Bonaffini


One Response to “Top Christmas Movies Countdown”
  1. LauraB. says:

    Christmas vacation !! First holiday movie i put on on the first snow !! And it’s still sooo funny!!! Great top 10!! ^^

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