The Guilt Trip Review

The Guilt Trip tries really hard with this, not sure if fun would be the right word, mother/son spin involving a bonding-road trip that the studios could have passed on.

Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is a chemist that is looking to sell a new cleaning product he just invented, and now has an itinerary for a cross-country trip in measure to meet different companies to try and sell it. Right before his big trek, he visits his mom (Barbra Streisand) and finds out she never pursued her first love, and instead married what become Andy’s dad and late husband. After Andy tracks the guy down, he decides to make it his last stop for his trip and asks his mother to join him, without revealing his true intent of reuniting them.

Seeing Rogen and Streisand as a family is, to say the least, entertaining and whatever the silly joke they will make you smile. That said, the movie doesn’t do more than that. It offers a silly plot line to start with, knowing the fall of the movie isn’t going to be strong enough.

The whole idea behind the movie is as clear as it can get, just not properly laid out, making a lot of the scenes flat and some jokes just “meh”. The mother/son relationship is cute at first, but not having a strong pivotal point for the story just makes the premise of the movie pointless.

Rogen and Streisand

Rogen was his comic self and makes us enjoy the little bit of charm the movie merely offers at times. His character, not far from what he usually does, is exactly what we already like, or some of you, not like, about him.

Streisand is back as an overprotective and overcrowding mom and that is probably what will drive most people to see this flick. She was delightful and, even though her face looks like that now, she played a very relatable role as Rogen’s mom.

Very few cameos were added and needless to say they were wasted. Not really seeing any additional performances besides the protagonists very long, felt a bit long in the end.

The Guilt Trip is not for everyone. While it offers some quirky mother/son jokes a lot of us can easily relate to, it just doesn’t do more than that. A lot of the jokes seem like fillers and the plot line itself doesn’t seem enough to carry on the whole movie at some point. If you feel like catching it maybe wait for a cheap-day at the movies or, better yet, wait for it for a cheap rental on DVD.



Theatrical release date: December 19, 2012

Director: Anne Fletcher

Run time: 95 minutes


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