New Girl At Its Peak

Spoilers ahead-

Yes, on prime-time TV, something magical happened; something we all wanted to happen since the start. I am of course, talking about the highly-talked and anticipated kiss between Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) on New Girl during episode 15 (Cooler). Arguably being one of the best kiss seen on a comedy series, now the show reached its peak moment, it could finally reach a near conclusion, no?

Unfortunately, being a hopeless romantic, this was probably the most climatic and satisfying moment on the show after the chicken dance on the first season. It was one of those perfect moments you wish you could see more often, even though that’s why it made it so special. Girls out there, I know you agree when I say this was the hottest kiss we’ve all seen on a sitcom recently.

That said, now that something finally sparked between the main characters, what more can us viewers want out of it? Honestly, that could just be it and nothing more. The show doesn’t need to go on with predictable situations where one is in love, but the other one isn’t at the same time or the usual sh-bang that always end up ruining a show. Yes, it offers more than just that, but besides its quirky comedy and Schmidt over-stereotypical-but-lovable character involvement, but we all know that Nick and Jess’ romance is what we were all really interested in and what we were rooting for this whole time.

Don’t get wrong here, I know two seasons isn’t a lot for a show and I could easily see how non-lucrative it would be for the network to cut it so short, but I would prefer my shows to end while they’re still on their prime with an appropriate and satiating conclusion instead of dragging whatever plot-line for years and years, making the whole premise completely pointless (cough-How I Met Your Mother-cough).

But if we take example on The Office (UK) or even Spaced, where both shows lasted only two seasons, and had very good and substantial conclusions without all the in-between bullshit. Spaced was loosely on the same premise; on the second season, once the sexual chemistry between the main protagonists was long-established, near the last episode,their conflicts are resolved making it end in a way where you know they’re finally going to end up together. And that was it. Why ask for more? There was no need to have more than what it was able to offer.

I would be just fine seeing New Girl just ending with this season on the basis we saw on last week’s episode, because I would hate to see it tainted with everything else that is now common on TV shows and ruin a perfect good memory on how I chose to pass my Tuesday nights. Why water-down the sauce and not enjoy it while it’s still juicy and hot? Like I said, I love the show and God forbid it would be cool if stuff like that just runs forever,but that always ruin them and I don’t want that to happen to New Girl.


3 Responses to “New Girl At Its Peak”
  1. iberrhymer says:

    Cool. True that these days, some TV shows story are too stretch seasons by seasons, making the whole plot looked stupid and no longer interesting…

  2. Catherine says:

    Yeah….Just saw the last episode yesterday…the writers and producers of the show probably disagree with you, cause they took off the romance…bye bye great kiss…We’re on for another season with sexual tension and misunderstandings…

    • Yeah, I just saw last night’s episode too, and oh boy was I disappointed… How can a character switch reasoning behind his actions from the second and they think they can get away with it? Kinda sad.

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