Identity Thief Review

Remember that really funny and outrageous comedy Horrible Bosses? If anybody did, then we all got excited thinking about goofy-looking comedy starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy also directed by the same Seth Gordon. Unfortunately, Identity Thief wasn’t the one we were thinking of.

The whole story revolves around Bateman’s character, Sandy Bigelow Patterson who, after quitting his unsatisfactory job, joins a new company that his ex-co-workers decided to put up. After obtaining a number of suspicious calls from collecting agencies and appointments made from another state. He then discovers that his identity was stolen and is now is duty to go to the state of Florida and get Diana (McCarthy), the con-artist stealing money from his bank accounts.


Saying it like that doesn’t even sound so bad. But wait, there’s more: His new boss (John Cho) finds out about all this and isn’t quite convinced that this is not Bateman’s doing all together (even though they are also friends) and so he gives one week to fix this or he will fire him. And then, when he ties to talk to the police detective about the whereabouts of McCarthy’s character, he not only tells him that it could take up to a year to fix all this and catch her, but that if he wants for this to be faster, he should just go and catch her by himself and bring her for a testimony.

Just wow. This sounds already pretty insane, but wait because it doesn’t stop there. When he gets to Florida, we are introduced to two ruthless assassins (Genesis Rodriguez and Tip “T.I.” Harris) who want to kill Diana for her mishaps. Then a crazy bounty hunter (Robert Patrick) joins in the chase as well. So Bateman and McCarthy team up to escape them and she then agrees to go to his workplace for a confession. They all are now in the same cross-country race and it’s just inexplicable how the bad guys keep finding them when they leave no trace behind them.


The setup keeps escalating as the story advances and it just gets really insane. The characters take broad actions and pay little to no consequences. I cannot stress enough to how little sense this movie makes. The writing is just plain awful.

Every situation is just frustrating as it is not funny. Nothing from the characters’ logics to any situation is remotely believable. With all plot lines being over-the-line crazy, the story barely offers laughable jokes, which is a shame considering the actors involved in this.

Unfortunately, the main protagonists had little to do with the unsuccessful result that the movie deploys even though I’m sure they tried they best.

Needless to say that Identity Thief is a dumb and frustrating unintelligent comedy, trying to trick us by poorly brining Bateman and McCarthy to the mix.



Theatrical release date: February 8, 2013

Director: Seth Gordon

Run time: 112 minutes

3 Responses to “Identity Thief Review”
  1. Laura says:

    Well.. Im sill gonna go see this one and find out by myself !

  2. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Emi. The bonding between Bateman and McCarthy is really forced and not believable at all, even though it’s supposed to be the core and the heart of the movie.

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