What’s Wrong With Kids’ Movies Today

I remember a time when I wasn’t old enough to go to the store by myself and yet I was considered old enough to watch some movies that today’s parents might find questionable and scarring. And yes, those movies did scar me. We’re talking about kids movies that weren’t afraid at stating something, implementing its morale, by educating its viewers with the best and fastest way possible: scaring the shit out of us so we would know best growing up. Did I ever learn anything by watching The Secret of Nihm, or The Witches? Perhaps even The Goonies—and yes, it was a bit scary back then. The answer is yes; without those crude but insightful movies, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today as an adult—subconsciously. Today’s kids’ movies don’t do that.

The latest example that lingered in my mind, and inspired me to write about this, is the newly released Oz the Great and Powerful. No spoilers here, just a mere reflection on comparing the main aspects of the movie. A good portion of the movie aims at satisfying the excessive need for 3D galore and computer generated environment and for that, I feel the story compromised. It is so thin and dumbed-down that I think people who make these glorified Disney blockbusters think that younger kids today are stupid or can’t handle any real storytelling. Kids don’t need to be spoon-fed and it won’t hurt them to actually watch something a little stronger with context beside the visuals.  Give them some credits, most of us turned out pretty good.


That not being the only example, it is the closest and accessible one to refer to. Of course, kids don’t need to be scarred for a movie to be good, but the point being is that we don’t always have to sugar coat thing, even in movies. There are stories to be absorbed and writing to be appreciated if movies wouldn’t rely so much on the technology that surrounds them. I feel sad for younger generation who never grew up watching E.T. but instead the horrible remake of Red Dawn—both terrifying in different ways.




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