Preparing For Game of Thrones Season 3

I’m sure most of you, after the finale, bit your nails, threw the remote on the floor or just wanted to go straight into hibernation in order to wake up and start watching what happens next. Well, finally our long year-wait is over and season 3 of Game of Thrones is here in only a few days, March 31. Usually we like to prepare for such an event and start thinking of what to do to cover the anticipation and reward our impatient side. So here’s what we should do to prepare for season 3 of Game of Thrones: Nothing.

Yes, nothing. At this point it becomes very evident that it is futile to try and fill our minds with anything “Game of Thrones-related” before the show starts. Who are we kidding? Most of us—I hope—are much too excited by waiting to see what happens to that horrible brat-of-a-prince, or to Arya Stark and her mysterious helper or to Jon Snow and those fucking amazing White Walkers to have the proper concentration-span.


Indulging—and kidding—ourselves with wanting to read a book (or two for those who can) or re-watch previous episodes before the season starts would be pointless now. Why you ask? Well, we are like eager and hungry kids waiting for that huge and beautiful supper, being prepped right in front of our eyes and having to wait only a few hours to enjoy it, but instead we go and grab a chocolate bar and manage to spoil our appetite. Pity, right? All things come in good time.

So I say let’s all be patient and let’s not ruin this eagerness that happens every so often in our everyday life. Let’s indulge it and hope time will pass kindly by our side because we want to see those fucking cool dragons again, and we want to see the good guys try to triumph, and the bad guys suffer. We want treason and murder and those “what-the-fuck-moments”. But most of all, we want to see crude and ruthless entertainment every Sunday to humor us and entice us with its spectacular storytelling set in our favorite fantasy kingdom yet. Let the games begin.


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