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Welcome to Emi, presents..!

My name is Emanuela (Emi for short) and September 3rd 1987 is the the day I evacuated my mother’s womb and became an independent individual. Born and raised in the lowest part of Italy -Sicily- (and surprisingly not linked to any type of Mafia), I started appreciating things which would be know today as geek-culture. Always waking up uber early to follow the Saturday morning cartoon sacred routine, starting with the Muppet Babies around five-ish. My obsessions with video games manifested quickly with me squatting  of our home MS-DOS computer to play hours of  Prince of Persia, and surprisingly not spraining one of my eyes because of it.

 Here, as a youngster in Montreal, I had to prove myself to the kids at my school and getting the reputation as the class clown everywhere I would go from then on forth. With my shy trait, being funny was my only way of trying to break my thick shell, and of course like many nerds, a reflex for self-defense.

Teenage years weren’t always easy, but I found refuge in movies and shows such as War Games and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as security blankets. As time went by and understanding more where I wanted to belong, I decided that cinema was my domain as a screen-writer. Wanting to learn from the best, my movie-watching-spree began in the late ’90s, trying to capture all I could in my small but thick head of mine.

Having spent a four-year hiatus from schooling, I have grown attached to my “temporary summer job” at a retail store.  All this free time school made me discover the enjoyment of comic-books, and took that time to deepen my knowledge in the comic books and ability to weave stories from my own drawings.

My mind bubbling with wacky ideas and not knowing what to with it, I decided to start some blogs for fun and stress-relief. What started as weekly short stories for games and movies, ended up as a movie review data-base which I heartily wrote for each and every one my limited mediocre paychecks allowed me to watch. Sensing my call in writing, I contemplated the idea of going into journalism to finally fulfill a void in my life similar to the one Lost left me with when ending.

With the ambition of Comm. Riker and the determination Mrs. Pac Man (she really wants to eat those goddamned dots), I enrolled into Concordia University and finally acquired a certificate in journalism. Now, I’m considering Star Fleet Academy, obviously.

When I’m not busy with my long-night gaming marathons or watching as much stuff my brain permits me, I write on this website to try and entertain nerds and geeks like me, so we can all come together and embrace our rise in today’s pop culture, being able to hopefully agree on pretty much everything I say. On this note, enjoy my movie reviews and articles. Be excellent to each other and…

Party on dudes!


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