Turtles in the ’80s

Turtles in the ’80s Advertisements

Yesterday’s Games

Remembering and looking back on what we used to play comes as easy as naming our favorite foods and describing it to our friends what’s the best way to cook it is. We were once immersed in those obsolete universes made out of 8 or 16 bits graphics and were top of the line stuff. … Continue reading

Star Wars, J.J. and Us

Yes, merely a few days ago, news spread quickly that J.J. Abrams was finally confirmed to be on board the Star Wars train after all. Of course, we all know that it would’ve been better to just let the beloved, and already-ruined, franchise rest in peace and to not talk about it ever again. Unfortunately, we live … Continue reading

Top 5 Practical Super Hero Geek-Ware

This summer has the super-heroes fever and we like it. This season is practically invaded by movies of this genre which started with The Avengers, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man and last but not least, The Dark Knight Rises. Subsequently, we need show that we are prepared and welcoming this new-nerd era in the most, … Continue reading

Remembering My Star Wars

With the Star Wars Blu-ray release in our reach and, most likely, already playing on our TVs, we can finally re-relish those moments all over again, for probably what is the hundredth time. Surely, everybody has a story to tell or a memory linked to those movies every time the name pops up. Well, here … Continue reading

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