Top Christmas Movies Countdown

Ah, the Holidays. What better than to pass some time your cherished friends and selected family members to celebrate this infamous time of the year. But besides the presents and stocking and delicious homemade treats, there is one essential step to countdown the remaining days ‘till Christmas; movies. Yup, they are just as important as … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Why We Will Love Ted

With summer around the corner, there are plenty of huge sure-blockbusters that are going to happily accompany us through its probable heat-waves. As far as comedies go though, there are very few if we take count of all the comic books or action-oriented projects that will dominate this coming season. There is one particular project … Continue reading

Top 5 Movies To Watch When Feeling Blue

Ah, life. It always has ups and downs, and downs again. And for obvious reasons we always get through; otherwise population control wouldn’t be an issue, now wouldn’t it? Although we, geeks and nerds, have a tendency to linger and dramatize pretty much everything just to see how even more miserable we can feel. / … Continue reading

Top 5 Best Gaming Snacks

Video games are considered narratively as strong as movies nowadays. Of course a movie is passive and we feel a need to occupy ourselves with something else, such as snacking. Video games are an interactive form of entertainment, so you should feel less compelled to fill your food meter while playing. But having that strong … Continue reading

Top 5 Things To Do When Trying New Restaurant

Ah, yes. We’ve all been stuck in those tricky situations. You’re not quite sure if you’re ready to make that commitment of trying that new little restaurant and hopefully not waste that meal of the day. Thing is, it’s always hard making up your mind and you’re not really sure how to react or what … Continue reading

Top 5 Geeky Home-Alone Activities

Who says plans always work out, or that your friends are always available? Or you just feel “blah” and are not sure what to do of your night. Well, in those times, it’s up to you not get beat down and try to find every little thing in proximity so your evening doesn’t get totally … Continue reading

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