Batman #13: Death Of The Family, Part 1 Review

Almost a year ago, DC comics introduced the new 52 a reboot in continuity of all there titles. In the first issue of Detective Comics written and drawn by Tony S. Daniel, the Joker in a bold move had Dollmaker surgically remove his notorious face. Earlier this week in Batman #13 ,written by Scott Snyder … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Review

There’s just something special that always surrounded the new incarnation of the Batman series ever since Nolan put his hands on it. His grasp on the classic yet updated comic book hero is immaculate, organic and ground-breaking. The Dark Knight Rises is the Nolan’s swan song to the series that finally drew to an anticipated … Continue reading

Top 5 Practical Super Hero Geek-Ware

This summer has the super-heroes fever and we like it. This season is practically invaded by movies of this genre which started with The Avengers, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man and last but not least, The Dark Knight Rises. Subsequently, we need show that we are prepared and welcoming this new-nerd era in the most, … Continue reading

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