Identity Thief Review

Remember that really funny and outrageous comedy Horrible Bosses? If anybody did, then we all got excited thinking about goofy-looking comedy starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy also directed by the same Seth Gordon. Unfortunately, Identity Thief wasn’t the one we were thinking of. The whole story revolves around Bateman’s character, Sandy Bigelow Patterson who, … Continue reading

This is 40 Review

Judd Apatow brought us a lot of the best R rated comedies in this last decade, filled with crude-language humor, sex jokes and dysfunctional families’ taboo situations. This is 40 is Apatow’s latest piece, and knowing his work, this should have been a comedy filled with drama and life-realizations. Instead, it’s a stretched-up drama with … Continue reading

Anchorman 2 Sets For Theatres

If you were surfing the net for the past hour, chances are you already heard it, and you’re here to confirm it; Anchorman: The Legend Continues just got a release date. It is now confirmed that on December 20, 2013, a year from now, that the Anchorman sequel will hit the theatres, competing with big … Continue reading

The Guilt Trip Review

The Guilt Trip tries really hard with this, not sure if fun would be the right word, mother/son spin involving a bonding-road trip that the studios could have passed on. Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is a chemist that is looking to sell a new cleaning product he just invented, and now has an itinerary for … Continue reading

Top Christmas Movies Countdown

Ah, the Holidays. What better than to pass some time your cherished friends and selected family members to celebrate this infamous time of the year. But besides the presents and stocking and delicious homemade treats, there is one essential step to countdown the remaining days ‘till Christmas; movies. Yup, they are just as important as … Continue reading

That’s My Boy Review

It just seems like every year, Adam Sandler has the need to come up with one bad movie. Having derailed to his original type of humor and my tolerance for any on-screen time he has is wearing thin these days. That’s My Boy, Sandler’s newest addition, would seem like the kind of movie you would … Continue reading

Hysteria Review

This is an unusual title to review on the website—but hey, what the hell. Hysteria is a charming and witty British story that informs about the “truth” behind the invention of the vibrator and how women were often accused of hysteria for, well, being typical women I guess. The wits and intention of the telling … Continue reading

The Five Year Engagement Review

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stroller reunite as the dynamic duo of writers for this romantic comedy, The Five Year Engagement. After Segel and Stroller introduced us their version of The Muppets not too long ago and the hilarious Yes Man (Stroller only), this new addition to their work wears off easy and tries to engage … Continue reading

The Cabin in the Woods Review

Many horror movies come and go and only a few mark us and will get to be worthy conversational topics. The Cabin in the Woods is definitely one of those that will stick, due to its new and interesting approach to the horror/thriller genre. But unfortunately, I can’t really go into any details on why … Continue reading

Randomly Streaming Netflix: UHF (1989)

Just to briefly explain, this will be a new segment added to Emi, presents..mainly to introduce or suggest you guys what to watch on Netflix. The titles presented will have been chosen with care, but by pure serendipitous randomness that the power of technology often offers us. Also, it is a pain to surf through … Continue reading

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