Book Review: Eleanor and Park, Back to Basics With a Love Story

Stories about first love, young love or anything that screams mushy enough to make your eyes roll is inevitable  Once in a while, this genre will have a book or two that will distinguish itself from all the other known mastheads that always try and capture something is could be different, something a bit rawer and … Continue reading

This is 40 Review

Judd Apatow brought us a lot of the best R rated comedies in this last decade, filled with crude-language humor, sex jokes and dysfunctional families’ taboo situations. This is 40 is Apatow’s latest piece, and knowing his work, this should have been a comedy filled with drama and life-realizations. Instead, it’s a stretched-up drama with … Continue reading

The Prodigies DVD Review

This is one of rare diamonds in the rough flicks you’ll accidentally find while wandering at the video store, and let me tell you that it’s quite worth your time. The Prodigies is a captive and exuberant animation movie and falls under those lines of “don’t judge a book by its cover” type-deal. Jimbo Farrar … Continue reading

Breaking Bad: The Complete Season Four Blu-ray Review

AMC really has out-done themselves with the breath-taking and the most intense of the Breaking Bad season so far by pushing the boundaries of what politically correct situations we find on cable TV. From the beginning of season 4, we see game-changers moments and characters starting to become something very uncanny from when we first … Continue reading

The Samaritan Review

With nothing to praise or expect from The Samaritan, a small-ish Canadian production with (tow) big names, and the only statement that this flick unfortunately accomplishes is showing that execution is everything. With a well-woven and intricate series of events, and lackluster of morale that could’ve been in the movie’s advantages, its horrible pacing and … Continue reading

Hysteria Review

This is an unusual title to review on the website—but hey, what the hell. Hysteria is a charming and witty British story that informs about the “truth” behind the invention of the vibrator and how women were often accused of hysteria for, well, being typical women I guess. The wits and intention of the telling … Continue reading

Dark Shadows Review

Tim Burton takes us to his usual and familiar realm of grainy film and Goth-like characters for his retake on Dark Shadows, which unfortunately doesn’t quite seem to know how to transgress from its TV show’s roots and a stand-alone piece. With Burton’s favorite cast of characters, this morbid tale tells the story of Barnabas … Continue reading

The Five Year Engagement Review

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stroller reunite as the dynamic duo of writers for this romantic comedy, The Five Year Engagement. After Segel and Stroller introduced us their version of The Muppets not too long ago and the hilarious Yes Man (Stroller only), this new addition to their work wears off easy and tries to engage … Continue reading

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