The Guilt Trip Review

The Guilt Trip tries really hard with this, not sure if fun would be the right word, mother/son spin involving a bonding-road trip that the studios could have passed on. Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is a chemist that is looking to sell a new cleaning product he just invented, and now has an itinerary for … Continue reading

Top Christmas Movies Countdown

Ah, the Holidays. What better than to pass some time your cherished friends and selected family members to celebrate this infamous time of the year. But besides the presents and stocking and delicious homemade treats, there is one essential step to countdown the remaining days ‘till Christmas; movies. Yup, they are just as important as … Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Review

There’s just something special that always surrounded the new incarnation of the Batman series ever since Nolan put his hands on it. His grasp on the classic yet updated comic book hero is immaculate, organic and ground-breaking. The Dark Knight Rises is the Nolan’s swan song to the series that finally drew to an anticipated … Continue reading

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Blu-ray Review

How is one to describe one of the love it or hate it Marvel franchise? It’s really up to you to decide, but for I, it personally left me indifferent. Nicolas Cage is back as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and leaves an uneven performance in this darker and pivotal sequel. In … Continue reading

Breaking Bad: The Complete Season Four Blu-ray Review

AMC really has out-done themselves with the breath-taking and the most intense of the Breaking Bad season so far by pushing the boundaries of what politically correct situations we find on cable TV. From the beginning of season 4, we see game-changers moments and characters starting to become something very uncanny from when we first … Continue reading

Battleship Review

After the success Transformers had at the box office, no wonder Hasbro wanted to rehash this concept with another one of their games. Battleshit—err, I mean Battleship is the bastard child of a beloved childhood board game and an attempt to over-Americanize the most idiotic and nonsensical story of the year. So, story-wise, Battleship has … Continue reading

The Five Year Engagement Review

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stroller reunite as the dynamic duo of writers for this romantic comedy, The Five Year Engagement. After Segel and Stroller introduced us their version of The Muppets not too long ago and the hilarious Yes Man (Stroller only), this new addition to their work wears off easy and tries to engage … Continue reading

The Cabin in the Woods Review

Many horror movies come and go and only a few mark us and will get to be worthy conversational topics. The Cabin in the Woods is definitely one of those that will stick, due to its new and interesting approach to the horror/thriller genre. But unfortunately, I can’t really go into any details on why … Continue reading

Randomly Streaming Netflix: UHF (1989)

Just to briefly explain, this will be a new segment added to Emi, presents..mainly to introduce or suggest you guys what to watch on Netflix. The titles presented will have been chosen with care, but by pure serendipitous randomness that the power of technology often offers us. Also, it is a pain to surf through … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Why We Will Love Ted

With summer around the corner, there are plenty of huge sure-blockbusters that are going to happily accompany us through its probable heat-waves. As far as comedies go though, there are very few if we take count of all the comic books or action-oriented projects that will dominate this coming season. There is one particular project … Continue reading

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