Yesterday’s Games

Remembering and looking back on what we used to play comes as easy as naming our favorite foods and describing it to our friends what’s the best way to cook it is. We were once immersed in those obsolete universes made out of 8 or 16 bits graphics and were top of the line stuff. … Continue reading

Where is Our Superman Game?

With a few months away from the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, the anticipation for long-time fans can only continue to build up and the ache of wanting to spend our time with anything Superman-related while waiting, one can’t help but wonder; why isn’t there a good Superman videogame out? I mean, come on! … Continue reading

MAI’s Blown Up: Gaming and War

The Montreal, Arts Interculturels is not only a center for arts, but the presenter of cross-cultural artistic expression which allows many voices to be heard and explored. From November 17th to December 15th, the MAI is presenting an exhibition exposing today’s misinterpretations of present-day wars through the work of three artists who work with video … Continue reading

I Am Alive Opinion

With almost nothing new to offer to the post-apocalyptic genre, I Am Alive, newly released XBLA title, plays with what most games lack; realism. But fails miserably on concepts and interesting mechanics where it could’ve strived instead of not making me feel bad for laughing too many times at it. Ok, so let’s get the … Continue reading

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

7/10 Close to five years from his disappearance, Alan Wake is welcomed back, and this time,  in a Xbox360 Arcade title enveloped with doubts and good old fashioned American horror storytelling. American Nightmare is not be confused as a sequel to the original but like a spinoff, involving the writer trapped in the infamous Night … Continue reading

PS Vita First Impressions

After quite a few years of visually striking decline of Sony’s handheld device, the successor to the PSP is here since February 22nd. The PS Vita, symbolizing a new and fresh start for the struggling company on the portable market, drops in but with more frowns than bows (get it?). The console, at first sight, is very … Continue reading

Top 5 Best Gaming Snacks

Video games are considered narratively as strong as movies nowadays. Of course a movie is passive and we feel a need to occupy ourselves with something else, such as snacking. Video games are an interactive form of entertainment, so you should feel less compelled to fill your food meter while playing. But having that strong … Continue reading

Just The Tips…Monthly Gaming Advice

With only one month away from the release of Mass Effect 3, it’s time to prioritize your gaming time and think about what you want to do before you embark upon the Normandy. You all want to make sure not to compulsively buy games you are not going to have time to play just because … Continue reading

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