Chuck’s Comics Reviews: Iron Man Marks End of Era, The Avengers Just Fail

*Contains minor spoilers The Invincible Iron Man #527 It’s the end of an era with this being Matt Fraction’s last issue including old Shellhead. Thankfully, this one nicely wraps up a great run for the title. After losing everything at the end of the Mandarin, Tony Stark is not able to take back control of … Continue reading

Top 5 Practical Super Hero Geek-Ware

This summer has the super-heroes fever and we like it. This season is practically invaded by movies of this genre which started with The Avengers, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man and last but not least, The Dark Knight Rises. Subsequently, we need show that we are prepared and welcoming this new-nerd era in the most, … Continue reading

The Avengers Review

There is no greater satisfaction than to see your favorite super heroes all reunite over the culminated efforts over the last few years. Joss Whedon was able to establish great groundwork from the previous Marvel installments and made it so that The Avengers was more than your shallow super hero flick, but a beautiful and … Continue reading

How To Prep For The Avengers

Five years is a long time to wait for such an anticipated event tying-in five movies from the most successful comic book franchises so far in the history in comic book movies. The Avengers is almost upon us with only a couple days left before commercial launch and fans already feel the stomach-knotting anticipation. We … Continue reading

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