Star Wars, J.J. and Us

Yes, merely a few days ago, news spread quickly that J.J. Abrams was finally confirmed to be on board the Star Wars train after all. Of course, we all know that it would’ve been better to just let the beloved, and already-ruined, franchise rest in peace and to not talk about it ever again. Unfortunately, we live … Continue reading

Argo Review

It’s been a while that we’ve spotted this trailer that looked very authentic and poignant, and let me tell you that I was scared that the movie itself might’ve not come through. But it did. This little movie is Argo, and it’s been a while that a political drama didn’t look so good and didn’t feel so truthful and gripping as … Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

We are living in a nerd-fandom world where superheroes movies dominate the box-office, and also where remakes barely wait the ten-year mark. The Amazing Spider-Man raised a lot of hope and suspicion (especially since its first attempt came out only in 2002), but let me reassure you guys, it’s all good. Without deviating too much … Continue reading

That’s My Boy Review

It just seems like every year, Adam Sandler has the need to come up with one bad movie. Having derailed to his original type of humor and my tolerance for any on-screen time he has is wearing thin these days. That’s My Boy, Sandler’s newest addition, would seem like the kind of movie you would … Continue reading

The Samaritan Review

With nothing to praise or expect from The Samaritan, a small-ish Canadian production with (tow) big names, and the only statement that this flick unfortunately accomplishes is showing that execution is everything. With a well-woven and intricate series of events, and lackluster of morale that could’ve been in the movie’s advantages, its horrible pacing and … Continue reading

Hysteria Review

This is an unusual title to review on the website—but hey, what the hell. Hysteria is a charming and witty British story that informs about the “truth” behind the invention of the vibrator and how women were often accused of hysteria for, well, being typical women I guess. The wits and intention of the telling … Continue reading

Battleship Review

After the success Transformers had at the box office, no wonder Hasbro wanted to rehash this concept with another one of their games. Battleshit—err, I mean Battleship is the bastard child of a beloved childhood board game and an attempt to over-Americanize the most idiotic and nonsensical story of the year. So, story-wise, Battleship has … Continue reading

The Avengers Review

There is no greater satisfaction than to see your favorite super heroes all reunite over the culminated efforts over the last few years. Joss Whedon was able to establish great groundwork from the previous Marvel installments and made it so that The Avengers was more than your shallow super hero flick, but a beautiful and … Continue reading

The Five Year Engagement Review

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stroller reunite as the dynamic duo of writers for this romantic comedy, The Five Year Engagement. After Segel and Stroller introduced us their version of The Muppets not too long ago and the hilarious Yes Man (Stroller only), this new addition to their work wears off easy and tries to engage … Continue reading

Footloose (2011) Review

Remakes nowadays are always welcomed with scepticism. Most of the times, their scopes are missed and their tone is all over the place, or just simply a copy-cat of the original instalment. Although, once in a while, there comes a movie where the studios did a decent job at extracting what worked and what didn’t … Continue reading

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