Where is Our Superman Game?

With a few months away from the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, the anticipation for long-time fans can only continue to build up and the ache of wanting to spend our time with anything Superman-related while waiting, one can’t help but wonder; why isn’t there a good Superman videogame out? I mean, come on! … Continue reading

MAI’s Blown Up: Gaming and War

The Montreal, Arts Interculturels is not only a center for arts, but the presenter of cross-cultural artistic expression which allows many voices to be heard and explored. From November 17th to December 15th, the MAI is presenting an exhibition exposing today’s misinterpretations of present-day wars through the work of three artists who work with video … Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed 3 Lacks Pulp

Some of the best games brought to us have always been the heavily story-driven. Some of them guided by rails, some others a bit looser with an open-world environment. But what happens when a game feels conflicted by the two types and constricted by its own technical limitations? Well, Assassin’s Creed 3 happens. Ubisoft was … Continue reading

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